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Friday, March 17, 2006

Picture of new quadrants taken today

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Keane may retire this summer

"It was always going to be a case of going back and seeing the hip specialist in the summer. Even if I'd stayed at United, that's what I would have done. I'm not getting any younger but I don't fear the end of my career. If anything, I feel ready for it"

More Exclusive Ole quotes

RN: You were linked a few weeks ago with returning to Molde, what is the situation with next season, are United going to offer a new contract?

OGS: (Laughs at my pronunciation of Molde apparently its not said like the stuff you find on cheese.) The thing there is, I know all of them atMolde. Actually at the moment a player I played with for about ten years, he’s the coach. The Sporting Director I played with at Molde for several years, plus I played with him for the Under-21s so they know my situation, they know I want to play here for as long as I can. It was just I was home because my little one had his tonsils out and that’s the nearest hospital we could do it. So some people spotted me and obviously the next couple of days there is story in the papers that I’m going there.It’s just one of those things, people see me there and headlines are coming up. But I’ve not heard anything from the club, I’m just hoping to prove myself over the next three months that I’m worthy of another pay as you play contract or whatever.

Help a United fan out - a lad attacked


I hope as many people can help out with the appeal - please go to only1treble

This website is dedicated to helping out lifelong Manchester United fan Jamie Turner, a season ticket holder at Old Trafford who was attacked in Southampton on May 15th 2005. Jamie attended many away matches often with his kids whenever he could including many international matches.

On May 15th 2005 Jamie was en route to a match at Southampton having travelled by minibus with a couple of friends. Without any prior warning or any motivation the group of people he was walking along with were attacked by a mob who struck Jamie from behind with a weapon.

Jamie’s skull was fractured from ear to ear. Jamie fell to the ground and suffered a cerebral haemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) which was treated at a specialist neurosurgery unit in Southampton. He remained critically ill in a coma for nearly three weeks. When Jamie woke up it became apparent that he had suffered a very serious head injury with brain damage, and his family were told it could be years before he recovered from all the affects, if he ever did.

Jamie was initially paralysed on one side, and after considerable personal effort and determination he has now regained almost full control of his limbs except for his left hand and arm, and his left eye which does not send the correct signals to his brain so his vision is affected.

Jamie suffers from excruciating headaches all day every day and chronic fatigue, he gets tired very easy and if he is aggravated his speech becomes slurred and his memory worse. Jamie therefore sleeps most hours of the day.

Jamie still receives lots of medical treatment and is awaiting an operation to replace the skull which was removed in emergency brain surgery. Jamie attends a centre for people with acquired brain injuries one day a week, and has many cerebral difficulties. Jamie is unable to work and his wife was unable to work for a considerable time as he needed constant care. Jamie is an ex-soldier who had been running a small family business.

A benefit match has been arranged for Jamie by fans on May 6th 2006 at AFC Telford United’s ground against FC United of Manchester, details of which are going to be released nearer the time.

Jamie’s family would like to thank all the supporters who have shown such concern for his wellbeing since the attack and those who have already organised fundraising events or are still doing so for the future. A big thank you goes to Pete Boyle and the Norwegian fans who auctioned items donated by the club. A longstanding United supporter (who wishes to remain anonymous) approached the club and was given 3 signed shirts to be raffled off, many thanks to him and the people who organised selling these shirts. Huge thanks to the Jersey supporters, especially Pattie and another supporter who have donated and raffled off their own precious signed shirts, a really touching gesture. A lot of time and planning has gone into organising the benefit match by FCUM fans and officials, for which we are very grateful. Finally thanks to the anonymous artist who has donated a superb painting of Sir Matt Busby to be raffled and proceeds go to Jamie. In these difficult times we find great comfort in people’s kindness.

Anyone wishing to make donations to Jamie and his family can do so by clicking the paypal button to the right or by email address which will go direct to the same account set up for Jamie.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Real Dr Evil and His Mini Me

by treshold