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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mike Dobbin RIP

you can pay tribute to a great United supporting legend who sadly passed away recently at Here his friend Frosty pays tribute

I’ve been a regular traveller with Mike since the early 70s, initially domestic games, and gradually spreading further afield, but unlike Mike, never beyond Euro Aways. If a trip to Manchester required an overnight stay, it most often worked out that we shared a beer, a meal, same hotel (oh, and nearly forgot; the game!)

One thing to add to the other tributes is not just Mike’s loyalty record, but his ability to recall all facts United. Not just when for example we won a cup final, but far more detailed information about much less notable games in maybe a mundane and uneventful season. It was Mike that pointed out that last season was the 100th anniversary of United’s first trophy, and was mystified as to why it did not seem to get recognition. He set about rectifying this anomaly by sharing this information at every opportunity!

I thought the above photo sums up well a typical Euro Away for Mike with his mates. On this occasion a bar in Amsterdam in the 80s and the eagle-eyed will work out the exact year of this particular tournament. (Of the group Mike seems to have changed least over the years!)

Missing you and thinking of you Mike. Cheers from Frosty!