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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fergie anger at FA charge for Gary Nev Scouse celebration

"Absolutely no chance [would The FA have acted if Neville did not play for United]. Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher ran the full length of the field with their fists raised at the Everton fans recently, and not a word was said. At Manchester City, Robbie Fowler ran past our fans showing five fingers [to indicate Liverpool's European Cup wins], and our fans surged to the front. The stewards had real trouble dealing with them and not a word was said then either. The FA compliance office only reacts when the press writes it - that is a fact and it cannot be right. You can't be running a proper compliance office if it only reacts to what the press say. What are they doing during the week? Does nobody study videos, only read it in the papers. It is a problem. In terms of Gary, all we have seen him doing is celebrating. To whom, there is no evidence, so I think The FA have a hard case to prove."


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