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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Carragher on Neville celebration after last minute Rio winner

"I think there is a line and Neville crossed it. I've heard people say it's justified because he gets a lot of stick from the Liverpool fans, but the truth is he gets the stick because he's been doing that for years. That's why it all started. I feel the same way about Liverpool as Neville does about Manchester United and from that point of view we're similar, but I don't act like that when we score against United. If I did, I'd expect United fans to give me the same amount of abuse."

"I don't act like that when we score against United. If I did, I'd expect United fans to give me the same amount of abuse."

We had a high volume of readers contact us in disgust about the fuss being made over Gary Nev's celebrations. As one said: "Do we whine away like the angry we were about Robbie Fowler we don't try and get official investigations to be launched." Another said as we suggested yesterday, why nobody picked up on the sick chants from the away end about: "Are you watching Georgie Best".

Remember Paul Ince cupping his ear and racing towards the Utd section in the 2-2 draw? We didn't moan, however much we fumed. It's a dull day when we expect players to give a slight pat on the back to goalscorers in games like this and shout out 'Jolly ho Tarquin".

As for Carragher having a pop. Now where do we start?

What about him throwing the coin back to Arsenal fans at Highbury. Is that inciting?

Perhaps it's best his Dad wasn't there yesterday to get angry and call for Gary Nev to be hung. His Dad can't go because he got nicked, pi**ed up watching his son.

And Tufty sent this in:

"Chief whinger Carragher has been happy covering reporters faces in phlegm today, with his obsessive comments on Gary Neville. Now let's cast our minds back to last September, the venue Anfield, the time was 15 mins after the game finished. United fans were kept back in the ground and out comes the Liverpool team, the United fans start singing "Wimbledon, Wimbledon" in relation to Liverpools long ball game.

Most the Liverpool players give no reaction to this, apart from Carragher who then starts making gestures towards the United fans, holding up his fingers and making other actions.

So tell me again Mr Carragher, what was it you said about Nevilles actions?


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