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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ronaldo and Ruud 'fight'

United adamant that there were 'no fisticuffs', readers can find more detail in the RN Readers Forum - - below from the SUN

'RUUD VAN NISTELROOY and Cristiano Ronaldo had to be pulled apart during a dramatic training ground bust-up yesterday. Manchester United’s season hit a new low as the superstar pair traded four-letter insults and almost came to blows.'

RN: Regular readers of gossip will know that Ronaldo has been the butt of many dressing room jokes in the past, Ruud considered by some to have grown 'arrogant', though Ronaldo has infuriated some players recently with his performances who believe he receives special treatment and should cut out the showboating.

This is from last April's Gossip:

'Ronaldo is still the butt of many a dressing room joke. We know Alan Smith reads the fanzines, so did he confirm and pick up on what I said last issue about cliques and splits in the OT dressing room? Smith said: "We went white- water rafting on Thursday and it was the kind of day that if you did fall in you knew who would be there to drag you out or who wanted to let you sink. There's been a lot of talk of feuds in the camp, and it was just nice for us to go away as a squad and enjoy ourselves" So who would you want to sink then Alan?

And Keano after Norwich: "How many chances should a player get". yes of course it was Kleberson! Ronaldo sort of hit back too: "Sometimes people have a go at me for what I do on the pitch" (you see that row between him and Gary Nev during the FASemi?) "...But there are other times when I might not like what they're doing".


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