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Friday, October 06, 2006

New United book - read the reviews

Coming in November, and highly recommended, Andy Mitten interviews 11 famous United players for their story

Here's what those who've reviewed 'We're The Famous Man United' have said about it so far...

"Some of the very best interviews with former United players that I've ever read. Andy Mitten has a remarkable ability to get people to open up and reveal all. Full of great anecdotes, detail and colour, bringing back just what it was like following United in the pre-Ferguson era."

Michael Crick.

"A terrific antidote to the banal sporting autobiography. Next time someone asks 'Where have the gameís characters gone?' here's an answer: They're between the covers of We're the Famous Man United. Candid, full of illuminating anecdotes and with an appeal well beyond those old enough to remember the 70s and 80s and far beyond the borders of United fandom."

Ian Hawkey, The Sunday Times.

"Anyone who wants to read about nice, clean-cut footballers listening to Luther Vandross and going to bed at 9.30pm should look away now. Andy Mitten has compiled the warts-and-all, blow-by-blow forensic examination of what really went on at Englandís biggest club in the 1980s. Utterly compelling."

Daniel Taylor, The Guardian.

"Twenty years on from their heyday, the players of the eighties have nothing to hide. And even if they had, Andy Mitten would find it out. By turns jaw-dropping, enraging, staggering and alarming, but always, always charged with affection and enthusiasm, this book is what nostalgia is all about."

Jim White, The Daily Telegraph.

"First came the Busby Babes and now the modern United is 'all grown up'. This hugely entertaining book proves that during the intervening 'teenage years' the lads had themselves a bit of fun."

Graham Hunter, Sky.

"This book will define United work in this era like Jim White's book did a decade ago. We knew many of these players as United heroes, but the fans knew little about the real men inside the Red shirts they wore. Andy Mitten takes characters we cheered on the terraces and allows us to see them in a new light; away from the limelight. Tinged with humour, reflection and at times sadness, these were the players who missed the golden wages on offer in today's football by a decade yet played in an era that many fans fondly recall as they watched gifted footballers giving their all. Away from the hyperbole surrounding today's stars, these were real characters, real men, and here we see their real stories - be it uplifting or eye opening. Life's ups and downs; before, during and after their United careers. Mitten's honest approach and incisive interviewing technique allows us a revealing and at times startling account of what it was like to play for Manchester United and the life thereafter. Highly recommended to young and old football fan alike, it will give a new perspective on household names. Ideal for those who lived the 1980s generation, and those who wish they had."

Barney Editor, Red News

We're The Famous Man United is Published on November 6th by Vision Sports
Publishing, priced £17.99.

Red News readers can order a copy for only £12.59 by clicking here...

Coming in November, and highly recommended, Andy Mitten interviews 11 famous United players for their story


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