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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Giles & Dunphy Quotes

Giles & Dunphy Quotes

from Padraic Clarke

thought you might like these quotes from Giles & Dunphy on RTE....

ON Cisse - " here we have Cisse, right wing, attempts to put in a cross, BANG...hits the full back, again BANG hits the full back, the full back again, and once more, BANG...smacks the full back again.... Millions of euro and he can't clear the first man, I mean...what's he trying to do to the full back here, Kill him??"

On Kewell - "Eamon, how did you rate Harry Kewell ?"

- "Fat. And a clown. A fat clown for all to see."

On Fowler - "An overweight has been. He's got more money than Liverpool FC!"

Mourinho didn't escape either :

"A bluffer who just got found out. Will never be at the tactical level of Milan or Barcelona, doesn't even have the footballing intelligence even to know why Barca beat him. Look at his claims that the best team didn't win. Ridiculous. He's a bengal lancer"

ON Cisse and Garcia - " It was Ragball Rovers out there with Cisse and Garcia. Look at Cisse. Somebody thought he was worth £14 million at some stage. The only person who thinks he's worth £14 million is his mammy. He's no left foot and no right - £14 million and counting. They bought him a big mansion in Cheshire and now he's no more than a part of the landed gentry. Absolute rubbish "

On Garcia - "What do you do with Garcia, I'll tell you what to do with him, he should be put in a rubbish bin where he belongs"


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